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We believe that partnering with Stenmark can provide exceptional value to your school. The accounting requirements set forth by the State of Minnesota are both rigorous and very transparent to many regulatory entities. This specific type of accounting is difficult to learn and time-consuming to perform without specialized systems. We feel that schools should not be spending too much of their time performing these tasks. That is not why you started a charter school; it is only a byproduct of the mission you are trying to serve in your classrooms. Our company has the expertise necessary to take these accounting functions off of your shoulders allowing you to spend your time more effectively helping run the school.

Since we are specialized in charter school accounting, we can almost always provide our services cheaper than an “in-house” person. Our pricing is based on enrollment and revenue received from the State of Minnesota. We chose this structure because it allows us to help schools of all sizes. Over the years, we have worked with small schools and large schools and have never had a complaint with our pricing. All of our services are included in the contract unlike other firms that charge on an ad-hoc basis. We feel that this allows us to become partners with our schools as opposed to a more traditional vendor/client relationship.

Our largest benefit from a functional standpoint separates us from the other accounting firms in the industry. We have an incredibly robust proprietary accounting system that we created in 2003 that allows us many advantages over the industry standard. The most important features involve the coding, uploading, and reporting of UFARS data. Our system is designed so the data never leaves the network at any point, which we feel provides the highest level of security and data integrity. During the planning process we worked with the State of Minnesota to design our system from a compliance perspective and have become a state-approved system provider for all aspects of UFARS. The other new addition to our system involves creating a custom-designed web portal for our schools to get into our system 24 hours a day. We understand that you partner with Stenmark to do accounting work but that you also want to have the information at your fingertips as if it were “in-house”. That is why we designed a web-portal for you to access information such as financial reports, vendor transactions, and key performance data. We also understand that your time is precious and you want to do things on your schedule so we have made this portal available and secure 24 hours a day.

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