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Stenmark has been providing charter school accounting services since Minnesota approved the first charter to City Academy in 1992. Since we were fortunate enough to partner with City Academy from the beginning, we have been active in the charter school community for the entire history of the movement. This experience has allowed Stenmark to build up a vast knowledge base regarding the specific requirements of UFARS accounting and the other finance and accounting functions necessary to run a school district. We are confident that we can provide value to your school district by performing your accounting functions at a reasonable price. We believe that our schools should be working with children…not numbers.

Our staff is highly skilled in the different aspects of accounting and finance. We have been trained in all aspects of UFARS accounting through the State of Minnesota and attend recurrent training on a regular basis. Our employees have specialization areas in accounting, finance, and payroll that allow us to perform many types of services. All of our employees have college degrees and numerous years of experience in accounting.

Stenmark’s proprietary computer system has been customized to the UFARS coding requirements from the State of Minnesota. This allows us to perform all of the UFARS accounting functions, upload data to the state, and audit reports directly from inside the system. We feel that this is a very strong advantage because your data never leaves our secure network, eliminating the possibility of sending compromised data to the state. We truly understand how important your accounting data is to your schools and to the State of Minnesota and we believe in keeping the data integrity at the highest level. Another advantage of our system is the ability to open a custom-designed secure web-portal for our schools to log into our system 24 hours a day. We can prepare reports and other key performance indicators that you can view when you have the time. This ability also allows us to work extremely effectively with out-state schools that need to have real-time access to their accounting data and other functions.

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